Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy

Author: Meagan Brandy

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: November 13, 2022

Deal ends: November 13, 2022


If she isn't mine in the end, I'll still be hers.
It's torture, but it's true...
My brothers best friend broke my heart, but what happens when his new teammate wants to put it back together?
For years, I've dreamt of what college life could bring and while some things changed, there was always one constant.
It didn't matter how wild I allowed my imagination to run, it always led me to the same place in the end.
It led me to him.
My future was clear, and he was it.
Until suddenly, he wasn't.
Now there's a new man in my life, one who isn't afraid to go after what he wants, and what he wants ... is me.
They say first loves last forever.
What about the second?
This is a 152k word standalone romance that will have you swooning to the very last page! Enjoy!