Author: Maira Dawn

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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The rules have changed...And that is just what she needs...Skye Jackson is a children’s therapist, a loving daughter, and well-off. Determined to save a young boy from his abusive father, Skye's plans come to a halt when a deadly rabies plague sweeps the globe. Infected, death, and destruction--nothing is the same.In a world where money will no longer help her, Skye races one step ahead of the enemy only to find herself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Struggling through this post-apocalyptic world alone may be more than Skye is prepared for.In a world of chaos, who do you trust?Dylan Cole is content to hunt and hide away in his mountaintop cabin while the world destroys itself, but when he finds Skye frantic on the side of the road, his plans change. The woman needs his help, whether she realizes it or not. And Dylan isn’t going to let a boy grow up the way he did--not if he can help it.When the world changes, can you?Skye and Dylan work together in a crumbling world. Skye holds the troubled group together while Dylan applies his survival skills to keep them alive. But will it last? Or will each go their separate ways? Is a dark future of violence, gangs, and infection all there is, or can there be more?Buy Book 1 of this thrilling post-apocalyptic survivor book series now.Formerly #1 on Wattpad in both Sci-fi and Pandemic, the Sanctuary’s Aggression Series delivers character-driven action and adventure with surprising twists and turns and is set in an alternate history.

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