Author: Bryan James

Category: Horror

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If you thought you knew Saint Nicholas, you thought wrong.The origin of one of history's most iconic figures is not a fairy tale. It is not a story for children, to be told by the fire on a cold night. It is a story of pain and fear, of death and rebirth. But most of all, it is a story from a nightmare.Nicholas was a farmer before the war, when he lost everything he ever loved. Now, riddled with the emotional consequences of his own actions, and the remorse of a father who failed his child, he exists from drink to drink, making his way through life in a small village in Prussia. Every day, he regrets his life and wishes for a death he cannot accept.Until death came for him. Mythical creatures spring forth from legend, and Nicholas is thrust into the middle of a nightmare of death and destruction as he battles the legendary Draugar, and struggles with his most dangerous enemy: himself.