Safekeeping by Roxie Noir

Author: Roxie Noir

Category: Romantic Suspense

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I don't need a bodyguard.
My stalker is fake. I’m positive those letters were written by my controlling, ultra-religious father so he'd have an excuse to hire someone to watch my every move. It's just my luck that he's a U.S. Senator and my new bodyguard is a Secret Service agent with one strike left.
It's worse luck that my new bodyguard isn't just hot, he's... nice. Gabriel treats me like I'm more than a bargaining chip or a potential wife to do his cooking and cleaning. He laughs at my jokes. He listens to my opinions.
When he thinks I'm hurt, he goes ballistic.
And when he catches me sneaking out of my family’s house, he keeps my secret. He even buys me a drink.
Just because he's sweet, protective, and fills out a suit like nobody's business doesn't mean I can trust him. He's still working for my father, and his job is on the line.
If only that were enough to keep me from sneaking into his room every night. Now we're keeping a secret that could ruin us both.
I need a way out. He needs a way back in.
There's no way this can work, but I've always had faith.
Safekeeping was previously published as Slow Burn by Roxie Noir. The title and cover are different; the text is the same.