“S” Is for Stupid by Leland Gregory

Author: Leland Gregory

Category: Humor

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An A-to-Z treasury of dumb, disastrous, and hard-to-believe human behavior from the New York Times-bestselling author of Stupid History!
 * A doctor’s actual diagnostic notation: The patient is married but sexually active.
* “Shooting Reported at Firing Range” —The State, Columbia, South Carolina, August 4, 2006
* Arrested for public urination in Bowling Green, Ohio: Mr. Joshua Pees. —The Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, Ohio, September 5, 2001
From absurd 911 calls to presidential philosophizing and foolish felons, Leland Gregory generates the best laughs by exposing the worst of human nature. This best-of collection features fifty percent new material and fifty percent fan favorites, arranged alphabetically by topic. And because the stories Gregory chronicles are just that unbelievable, each anecdote, quote, or factoid is presented with relevant background information, including its verified news source.