Author: Keith Nixon

Category: Crime Fiction

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A reluctant investigator, a sordid English seaside town, a criminal underbelly.Trouble has a habit of seeking out Konstantin, whether he wants it or not. Starting from the moment he arrives in the seedy seaside town of Margate where he’s supposed to be in hiding from his ex-employers. All Konstantin wants is to keep his head down and be left alone. But it’s not to be. People have their problems and Konstantin can't help but get involved.Konstantin has to overcome the drug dealer, the loan shark and a Liverpudlian gangster. Then there’s the so-called good guys, the councilors and lawyers who are worse than the criminals. Enter Fidelity Brown, aka Plastic Fantastic, a dominatrix who has her own mélange of secrets and lies, and nightclub owner Ken who’s connected to all the wrong people. Both help Konstantin solve the cases dropped on his doorstep.Cue deception, murder, mayhem as the Russian settles into his new life. Margate will never be the same again. And neither will Konstantin…Meet the enigmatic Konstantin, a man with a dark history and darker future in the start of a unique crime thriller series laced with a healthy dose of black humour. Pick up Russian Roulette to find out what all the fuss is about.What Readers Say‘An ex-convict Russian spy who I absolutely adore and want to invite over for dinner!’‘Gritty and glorious, dirty and dynamic, fast and furious.’‘I can't wait to start the next book and see what else is on store for Konstantin.’‘Top notch entertainment from Keith Nixon.’‘I adored Konstantin, although I'm not sure I was supposed to!’‘If you liked LA Confidential, you’ll love this.’‘I can’t recommend this book enough.’What Others Say‘Criminally underrated.’MW Craven, author of The Washington Poe series‘One hell of a writer.’Ken Bruen, Author of The Jack Taylor series‘I have to liken reading this novel to being a smoker - it leaves a dirty taste in your mouth but you JUST CAN'T STOP.’ Lisa Hall, author of Between You and Me, Tell Me No Lies, The Party‘Nixon writes hard-hitting fiction, with a dash of humour, a cast of great characters, and a dollop of violence. Konstantin is a fantastic creation.’Luca Veste, author of The Murphy and Rossi series and The Bonekeeper'This is a brilliant, fun book. Violent, yes. Dark, yes. But it has black humour running all the way through it. And it made me want to visit Margate. I loved it and was delighted to see there are other books featuring Konstantin and look forward to reading more of his adventures.'Suze Reviews‘Gritty and glorious, dirty and dynamic, fast and furious. My kind of book.’Col’s Criminal Library‘A superior action-thriller, layered with flashbacks, intriguing characters and tendon-snapping sequences of graphic violence.’ Murder, Mayhem and More‘A fast-paced and witty tale.’Big Al’s Books and Pals‘With his unique style of writing, the author grabs the reader’s attention and makes for an entertaining read.’By The Letter Book Reviews‘Tight, punchy with a distinct voice.’Crimesquad‘The ability to get his readers onside, rooting for his messed-up characters as they battle against the daily grind of chancers and blaggers is uniquely his, and stands as testament to his writing chops.’Crime Fiction Lover‘Lean, mean and gritty, with writing as sharp as a razor cut. Keith Nixon serves up a ‘Konstantin Kocktail’, with equal parts Vodka to Vodka, that'll hit you just where it's needed.’Matt Hilton, Author of the Joe Hunter thrillers ‘If you told me that Konstantin put the K in KGB, I wouldn't even argue. This character is a badass of the highest calibre.’ Gerard Brennan, author of Undercover