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Ahlayna had one plan for spring break, and that was to read. But when her best friend, Tatiana Wolfe, offers an alternative to her plans, Ahlayna knows that she's entered a realm laced with danger. From the moment she entered Ty's space she knew that she had to run. Run as far away from him as possible. Ty, better known as Wolf, has three rules: his sister is off limits, anyone associated with his sister is off limits, and always protect the ones he loved. He managed to balance all three while running and ruling the streets of Dade County with a mean fury. He can have whatever woman he wanted, when he wanted. That was until he laid his eyes on Ahlayna. She was forbidden fruit, but like a moth to a flame he couldn't stay away from her.Ahlayna has the power to tame the beast that lives inside of Ty. Growing closer to Ty is an ever-present danger. Once danger puts her in its sight, Ahlayna could either run from Ty or run towards him. Ty has declared that he will chase her to the ends of the earth, but their fate lies in the ashes of the aftermath of a tragic event. Will Ahlayna relish in the love she's found, or will she run as far as she can?

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