Rumors by Rachael Brownell

Author: Rachael Brownell

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: June 11, 2021

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Office gossip, jaw-dropping gorgeous men, and romance in the air. What could possibly go wrong?

Gossip in the break room.
Whispers in the hallway.
Like wildfire, rumors are easy to spread.... and hard to extinguish.

The Dixon family has seen and heard it all. In the world of advertising, nothing shocks them. So when the office begins to whisper untruths about the newest member of the team, everyone brushes it off... except those at the center of the rumor mill.

No matter how awful and untrue the gossip may be, it doesn't keep the whispers at bay and no one is immune from being thrown in the fire. Decide for yourself which rumors are fact and which are pure speculation.

6 rumors
5 engagements
4 weddings
3 babies
2 cheaters
1 source

***This is a box set. It contains all SIX books in the Rumors series.