Author: Elizabeth Rain

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FIRE BORN DRAGONWhat lives inside of me is like nothing the world has ever seen and I hate it.

It caused my parents’ divorce.…And it brought me here, to Shephard’s Mountain where everything is a lie and nothing is as it seems.I didn’t come here to be normal or to blend in as my mother promised.I’ll discover instead that my choices in life were limited by blood and circumstance long before I was bornThere’s a school inside Drae Hallow for freaks like me.Maybe here I’ll learn to harness what rolls beneath my skin with a demon’s impatience…wanting out.Because something else roams the woods after dark, and it's hungry.Together, with the help of others just like me, we'll have to unravel the lies before it's too late. The Fate of the Magical world depends on us to find out the truth...

—That sometimes it takes a monster to fight one…

If I'm not careful, my first semester might just be my last.


Up the Ante and Raise the Stakes Drae Hallow, it’s going down…

I’ve finally found a place to call home. Rule 9 Academy and a group of friends I call family have survived the first semester, saved our valley, and passed all our classes…mostly.

Things are definitely looking up…until they’re not.

As the bed count starts to rise at the local infirmary, everyone takes notice. When the residents of Bitterroot and Drae Council realize what the patients are all lacking…panic sets in.

I mean, who let the Vampires out? Those blood-suckers are real, and they’re drinking the joggers. Only there were no vampires in Drae Hallow until now. Somebody let them in.

There’s clues to uncover and cold trails to follow before we uncover the truth and discover our real mission…is also a rescue mission.

It will take every bit of Skill and Magic we’ve learned, and some we haven’t, to protect the inside of Shephard’s Mountain from what’s coming and save those we thought were lost to us.

We’ll have to find out quick who can be trusted, and who wants to just see us die…before it’s too late.

Join Sadie Cross and her friends as they battle old foes, joined by new friends, in a place that is out of this world, literally…

Careful, you’ll need to finish this journey in Wyndoor, where nothing is normal and everything wants to have you for lunch.


In Basilisk Valley the Dragons are Real.

I might be one of them…if I can learn to embrace my change before it kills me.

Together with my best friends, we’ve come to the valley camp to make up the classes we missed in Bitterroot the Semester before…and to just be normal teenagers for a change…

No more Demon wolves attacking us unprovoked. Blood Sucking Vampires aren’t coming in for a taste because they think I smell sweet…And no crazed lunatics trying to wreck our world.

Maybe I can even find time to cure the strange stomach issues that keep plaguing me whenever a certain sorcerer is near?

I should’ve known better…

Instead, unexplained attacks are plaguing the town of Purdy and getting too close to camp for comfort.

Someone is hunting Magicals and leaving them for dead.

As the body count threatens to rise and my inner Dragon fights to emerge ahead of schedule…

We’ll be racing to unravel the lies from the truth before its too late and the Hunter’s Guild arrives with plans to kill every Dragon and Magical in Basilisk Valley.

War is coming to The Valley of the Dragons; it will be up to us to stop it and fight for the right to exist for Magicals everywhere.