Author: L.C. Turner

Category: Cozy Mystery

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What’s the best cure for a broken heart? A murder investigation, of course.

Are Presley and Cooper on a break or are they broken up? Instead of wallowing in cuddles on the couch with her dog Bella, eating a vat of ice cream, and binging Netflix, Presley decides she’s going to help her good friend, Jared, to keep her mind off Cooper.When the bookkeeper at Jared’s graphic design company, Sleeping Bear Designs, is murdered, Presley wades into corporate greed and espionage. Someone is doing their best to see that Sleeping Bear loses all their best clients—and maybe some more of their employees too.Can Presley find the culprit and save Jared’s business, all while nursing her broken heart?

The Presley Thurman cozy mystery series is perfect for fans who love clean mysteries with quirky characters, a canine sidekick, and lots of clues along the way!

Previously published by Laina Turner. This new edition is reworked with new characters and even more cozy fun.