Author: Lisa J. Flickinger

Category: Christian Fiction

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A Rocky Mountain logging camp may be just the place to start her new life.Widowed at nineteen, Madeline Lamb seeks to find a new husband amongst the crew of the Rocky Mountain log drive. With a baby growing inside her, she has no choice. She signs on as cook's helper, and it soon becomes apparent her options for a spouse are limited. Madeline's grieving heart wavers between the security an older man offers and the tender feelings a new crew member stirs.Will Matheson worked hard to earn the chance to join the high-paying spring log drive. This job will ensure he can recoup the logging wages stolen from him by a pretty face with fast fingers. Frustration builds when the boss pulls him from the river and assigns him the lower-paying job of camp chore boy. If it wasn't for the cook's pretty helper, he'd take the first train home.When the dangers of the river journey prove more treacherous than anyone expects, the budding attraction between Will and Madeline is put to the test. If they survive the adventure, life as they know it will never be the same.