Author: C.P. James

Category: Humor

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Years ago, former henchman Geddy Starheart inhaled an ancient alien named Eli who's lived rent-free in his head ever since. Together, they built the only ship capable of bringing Eli home. But on the eve of their departure, it disappears. Their quest to find it exposes a conspiracy to destroy all intelligent life in the universe, which technically includes them.
Geddy never needed anything or anyone but a custom-made blaster and a couple fingers of Old Earth whisky at the end of a long day. But since his own screw-up forced the evacuation of Earth 2, he's only had Eli for company. A daring escape off-planet lands him aboard a creaky salvage trawler with a can-do crew and the galaxy's worst business model.

But stalwart friends are better than any weapon. With the help of Eli, his oddball crew, and their trusty trawler, Geddy must traverse the cosmos in order to track down his ship and save the universe. Each thrilling, hilarious new adventure brings them closer to the truth but ever farther from decent food.