Road to Fire by Maria Luis

Author: Maria Luis

Category: Erotic Romance

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"I'm not scared of you."
He meets my gaze. "You should be."

All of England knows his name.

Saxon Priest.
Savage. Ruthless.
A man bent on all-out destruction.

His target? The royal family.

I’m not looking for a knight in shining armor when I approach him for a job—but I never anticipated how my heart might quicken when faced with London’s most notorious killer.

His eyes are cold.
His mouth scarred and sneering when he dismisses me as fragile, weak.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

I have blood on my hands and hate in my heart—just like him.

But with England on the brink of war, Saxon is my last hope. And when he risks everything to save me, I succumb to the ice in his veins and the blistering heat that tethers us together.

He may be the devil in disguise but I’m Isla Quinn, and I killed the king.

Road To Fire is the first book in the Broken Crown series. Intrigue. Grit. Soul-wrenching love. This is not your average royal romance. Enter if you dare.