Author: Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson

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What if you think you met the man of your dreams at your best friend’s wedding, but the problem is, he lives in the past and you live in the future? Nicky can’t seem to adjust to life now that her best friend, Kimberly, has decided to live in 1893 with her new husband. She loves her job and there are many things she enjoys doing, but she can’t help but think there is more to life. She would like to find the same kind of love Kimberly has, but every man she dates seems to fall short of the man she met at Kimberly’s wedding. Shaun enjoys hearing from Nicky through letters, more than he would like to admit. She is from the future, and he can’t imagine she would ever want to travel back in time and would want to stay in his time. Then Nicky shows up at the ranch to help Kimberly, but Shaun knows he needs to be careful. He already gave his heart to a woman, who left him almost at the altar. He can’t go through that again…can he? If you like time travel and mail-order bride romances, you’ll love this series! OTHER BOOKS IN THIS SERIES Book 1: Touched by TimeBook 2: River of TimeBook 3: Winds of TimeBook 4: Secrets of TimeBook 5: Changed by TimeBook 6: Christmas in Time