Author: Hannah Schrock

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Hannah Raber was torn between the restrictive rules of her loving Amish community and following her adventurous spirit in an unknown Englischer world. She was happy serving in her familye-owned ice cream shop, but would she be content never experiencing more?Noah Stoltzfus lived on his own little farm, growing and selling rhododendrons in the little city of Eugene, a day's travel from his Amish family whom he was no longer permitted to see or visit. Besides this, he only had Amos, whose girlfriend Millie also lived with them, and a burning desire to see his ailing maem, daed, sister and little brother. He had made the decision to leave for his own well-being, and he had to abide by the rules which the bishop reminded him now applied to him as an outsider.But would coming home be possible for the prodigal son? Can a boy leave to make his own life, and hope to return to what was, as a man? Could the broken heart and shattered trust of a younger brother ever be repaired? Together in a dilemma, but living in separate worlds, Hannah and Noah test the limits of their very different lives.