Author: Lacey Carter Andersen

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Everyone hates what I am… except for me.Long ago I accepted that I was different, and that the fae would never see me as their equal because of the tainted blood running through my veins.What I didn’t expect? That when my brother and his friends went to the Royal Fae Academy, they’d abandon me too.Except when my brother’s friends return years later, we’ve all changed, as have our feelings for each other. But if they think I’m going to suddenly start acting like the innocent girl they left behind, they have another thing coming.My powers are dark and sexy, and if they have a problem with it, they can go screw themselves!Only, what if it’s me they want to screw?REVERE is a short prequel to the Royal Fae Academy. This is a series of VERY steamy reverse harem books that follow the same group of characters. Our heroine is tough, uses her dark powers shamelessly, and her guys have eyes for her and only her. (This story was previously released and is a fun read before or after reading the Royal Fae Academy series.)