Author: Puja Guha

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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"A well-rounded novel that comes alive with her engaging plot and prose, placing Guha comfortably in a genre dominated by the likes of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and John le Carre." - Recommended by the US Review of Books

Rogue agents. Illicit arms deals. Bank heists. Island getaways.
THE DOGS OF WAR meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE on the island of Madagascar.

Former spy Petra Shirazi and the Ahriman, a retired Iranian assassin, work together to bring down an illegal arms trader who has eluded international authorities for decades.

Fans of The Night Manager, Homeland, The Day of the Jackal, and international espionage thrillers will love this fast-paced suspense novel.

Nine years ago, Agency operative Vik Jennings was gunned down after he infiltrated the inner circles of illicit arms dealer Duc Nguyen, responsible for aggravating numerous global conflicts.

Seeking justice for Vik, colleague Carlos engages former spy Petra Shirazi and the Ahriman, a retired Iranian assassin.

The team sets up an operation to take Nguyen down, first at his home outside of London, and then during the celebration of his son's marriage in Africa.

To hide her culpability in his murder, Petra must keep her relationship with Vik a secret from the rest of the team.