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JUST 99 CENTS or FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED!Nora Newberry is back again in Reminiscing With The Dead, the 3rd installment of her comeback series, "Return To Milburn"!When Lori Birdwhistle disappeared from Milburn twenty years ago, no one was sure whether she had been murdered or had simply skipped town. But those who knew her best were confident she’d never voluntarily leave her beloved son and simply take off. But, without a body and no real clues to go on, the case quickly went cold and, before long, life simply moved on.Now, thanks to a new visitor in town, the case is, once again, being investigated. But not by the official police - this time Nora is taking charge!But not everyone is so keen on the past being dug up. For some, there are secrets to be protected. And they are more than willing to kill if that’s what it takes to keep the past in the past…Join Nora in Reminiscing With The Dead as she investigates a mystery that spans the past & the present and involves some of the most prominent residents in Milburn, including one of her closest friends!