Author: Emily Oddo

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Are you struggling to find your own spiritual path and balance your energy?

There are two main arguments Reiki for Beginners makes. The first is that the prevalence of many insurmountable issues like burnout, stress, fatigue, and depression occurs due to the absence of energy, or rather ‘the crisis in energy’. It is the lack of energy that incapacitates people who suffer from stress – they do not have the strength or vitality to manage their challenges. The more challenges, the more energy you need to rise to the occasion of overcoming them. In this sense, energy is a currency. It helps us triumph over obstacles and difficulties while allowing us to stave off physical ailments and keep spiritual desolation at bay.
The second point of this book is to emphasize that we need something to help us restore this absence of energy.
Reiki for Beginners explores how Reiki is one of the few practices that get to the root of ‘the energy crisis’. While Reiki is often connected to mystics and spirituality, it follows an analytical approach demonstrating everyday evidence of how Reiki is codified into our behavior. It highlights how the Reiki practices of healing through physical touch, meditation, the power of symbolism, and the use of mantras are essential practices. They are not crucial in our reaction to the ‘energy crisis’ but they are deeply ingrained in our behavior as humans. They are so ingrained that while we daily heal others through physical touch, we do it without knowing that we are applying Reiki practices.
This guide explores the origins, Reiki Levels, and applications of Reiki through an analytical and practical lens. It is a vital read if anyone wishes to overcome their own absence of energy and help to respond to increasing levels of burnout, stress, and spiritual desolation.