Author: CK Dawn

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Mere mortal. Eek! Fae apocalypse? Yeah, that happened!

Remnants of Ash
Scorched Uprising
Fire Unleashed
Burning Cinders
Chloe Etain has homework and a world to saveā€¦

When your college professor warns the world is ending, you take heed. When he winds up dead, you run. Right?

Chloe has never run away from a battle in her life and she's not about to start. As an apocalyptic nightmare unfolds before her, the enigmatic Bram Tice joins her quest as they try to undo the damage the unseen powers unleashed on their world. Chloe races to unlock her murdered professor's secrets, the key to it all. But discovers her reluctant companion has even darker more dangerous secrets of his own.

Feeling every ounce of her mortal being, Chloe enters a new world of high and low caste fae, vampiric scabs, and still, somehow, finds a strength within herself to fight back. But with all that Bram's hiding, will he be her secret weapon against the fae? Or her worst nightmare? One way or another, the fight to save humanity from becoming nothing more than remnants of ash is on!