Author: Rosa Lee Jude and Mary Lin Brewer

Category: Paranormal Romance

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A teenage girl, a murder, and a family secret—does a new friend in another time hold the key to making her family whole again?Teenage Grae White isn’t crazy about her new home—a haunted mansion. When she accidentally finds out that her mother used to be a time traveler, Grae is transported two hundred years in reverse and witnesses the death of the first owner of the property. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time might result in Grae being stuck in another century, unless she listens to her new friend and helps solve the mystery behind the murder.Grae soon learns that the murder of Joseph Baker is just the first in a series of mysteries that have haunted Graham Mansion for two centuries. An old key is the token to make her time travel journey possible. Will it unlock the mansion’s mysteries and also reveal a secret in her own family?It’s a race against the clock for Grae to discover how to get home to her own time before she’s locked away for a murder she didn’t commit. Will the knowledge she gains on the journey help lead to answers in her own family history?The Legends of Graham Mansion series combines a little history, a little mystery, and a little twist in time for a page-turning journey that will have the reader guessing until the very end.Read all the books in the Legends of Graham Mansion series:REDEMPTIONAMBITIONDECEPTIONSALVATIONREVELATIONOther books by Rosa Lee JudeBLOOMSPOONS ADVENTURES – new time travel seriesThe Legend of Amburgey GibboneyHaunted by the Fire (Coming Fall 2018)Murder at the Boyd Hotel (Coming Spring 2019)THE ENCHANTED JOURNEY – Urban Fantasy – MagicalTrembleJasmineNeverwrongHeartwarming Contemporary Romance with a twist of Suspense (standalone)I STILL DOUNTIL INFINITYNEVER GOODBYE

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