Author: Kristen Mae

Category: Action & Adventure

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“Dark, erotic, and haunting, Red Water sticks with you like a dream you can’t shake.” – Meghan O’Flynn, bestselling author of the Ash Park seriesHow do you let love in when the only thing that feels right is pain? Compared to the beat-up trailer she’s had to call home since her mom died, Malory Shoemaker’s tiny dorm room is a significant upgrade. An escape.An escape from the terrible things her father put her family through. An escape from the whispers—his whispers—that still skitter through her mind. An escape from darkness. And though Malory has not yet managed to silence her father’s whispers, she is excelling at school, making new friends, and shining as the music school’s new star cellist. She has even attracted an enigmatic admirer.But when this new love interest begins to reveal his more unsavory appetites, Malory finds herself a hapless participant in a sick game—a game that forces her to confront her own nasty inner demons. And as the game intensifies, so do the old, familiar whispers in Malory’s head.Now she must decide: sink back into the darkness, or claw her way to the surface and discover a life worth fighting for. At times erotic, at times disturbing, and at times both at once, Red Water slithers under your skin with its dark, unflinching examination of the psychology of self-loathing and the secret, unspeakable lust for depravity that lies dormant within us all. If you like Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects or Sylvia Day's dark romance, you will love Red Water.More praise for Red Water:“With prose that will bring you to your knees, Red Water will hold you in its grip without apology, and you will love every torturous second of it.” – Beth Teliho, author of the award-winning Order of Seven. “One of those books that chews you up and spits you out—you will never be the same.” – Andra Watkins, New York Times bestselling author of Not Without My Father