Author: Steve McChesney

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This book is like having a business marketing coach at your disposal 24/7. It helps you understand the different communication styles that people relate and react to. Learn how you can apply them to your business. It includes innovative marketing strategies to target your audience no matter what generation they are from. There are copywriting techniques that are sure to get results. If your business includes sales, marketing, or copywriting of any kind, this is a must have for your marketing library.

For copywriting - Learn how to:
Be concise and easily understood
Convert your reader's into paying customers
Overcome writer's block
...And much more!

For marketing - Learn how to:
Communicate effectively
Fully understand features and benefits
Discover what really motivates people
...And much more!

'Rearranging Change' is a book that will reshape the way you think about marketing and advertising. It is written with the reader in mind. The information is relevant, easily understood, and exciting to apply.

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