Author: Ryan Michele

Category: Romantic Suspense

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… an intimate view of the MC world that author Ryan Michele has crafted. It is full of bold characters, intrigue, and action. ~MeredithWall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings an action-packed suspenseful thrill ride, full of steamy romance with the Ravage Motorcycle Club.Revenge always comes at a price—Harlow aka Princess spent the last two years locked up for a crime she didn't commit.Revenge has consumed her thoughts vowing payback for those who put her behind bars. Now, she’s out, going home to her family—the Ravage MC. Retribution is coming.Former Marine, Cruz knows what it means to lose it all. What this single dad found in the Ravage Motorcycle Club is a home, a family for him and his son.He protects them at all costs.When these two head strong people meet in the club’s garage, he’s caught off guard. She’s there on a mission.Anger and challenge combust around them, the push and pull only igniting the flames brighter, hotter.Princess refuses to give into the lust.Cruz demands to have her.Each not giving in to the other. There is no stopping a motorcycle man when he knows what he wants. Not even a strong, independent self-assured woman can stop him.Danger threatens everything they stand for, ripping through what they’ve each built with the Ravage MC. Tables are turned and the person who framed Princess is out for blood. Not just hers, but those Princess cares about. Innocent lives are at stake. One wrong move from either of them means death in the Ravage MC family. One they will never come back from.It could cost them everything.** Ravage Me (Ravage MC #1) is a full-length novel and should be read in order with the series: Ravage Me, Seduce Me, Consume Me, Inflame Me and Captivate Me. **This book was so exciting my insides are still jittery. ~SandyThe plot was perfect... [Ryan] Michele hit that balance [of violence and action] to perfection. ~HelenThis book started my love for the MC world. ~Cindy3 words for this book...TOTALLY FREAKING AMAZING!!!! ~MzlaneFair warning ... This is book 1 in a series and it is very addictive! ~K W***Ravage Motorcycle Club Official Reading Order:1. Ravage Me (Cruz & Princess)2. Seduce Me (GT & Casey)3. Consume Me (Tug & Blaze)4. Inflame Me (Rhys & Tanner) (Dagger & Mearna)5. Captivate Me (Buzz & Bella) (Breaker & Shaina)6. Bound by Family (Cooper & Bristyl) (Bound #1)7. Bound by Desire (Deke & Rylie) (Bound #2)8. Bound by Vengeance (Ryker & Austyn) (Bound #3)9. Bound by Affliction (Green & Leah) (Bound #4)10. Bound by Destiny (Jacks & Emery & Micah) (Bound #5)11. Bound by Wreckage (Nox & Carsyn) (Bound #6)12. Connected in Pain (Crow & Rylynn #1) (Rebellion #1)13. Fueled in Fire (Crow & Rylynn #2) (Rebellion #2)14. Sealed in Strength (Crow & Rylynn #3) (Rebellion #3)15. Connected in Code (Wrong Way & Hayden) (Rebellion #4)16. Bound by Consequences (Micah & Ensley #1) (Bound #7)17. Bound by Redemption (Micah & Ensley #2) (Bound #8)18. Bound by Fate (Dryerson & Katie) (Bound #9) (Coming Soon)