Author: Linda S. Browning

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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Watch out; that pair of sassy, senior sleuths, Leslie and Belinda, are on the trail again. If you thought life after retirement was boring, you’ve never met these two widows. Leslie takes curiosity to new heights while Belinda—her reluctant sidekick—is always up for an adventure. Together they plunge headfirst into the crisis at hand, while Leslie’s energetic, diminutive dog, Riff-Raff, provides backup.When Belinda, breaks her foot, Leslie starts looking for sedentary activities to take her friend’s mind off of her pain and boredom. Lawn chairs in place, and Diet Cokes in their cooler, the friends settle in to watch the demolition of an old barn. As the demo progresses, the remains of an old Nash Rambler are uncovered, complete with a skeleton in the trunk, and Fairlawn Glen’s senior sleuths are off to solve another mystery. Who was this man, and who stashed him in that car trunk? Their insatiable curiosity leads them on another rollicking escapade.

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