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“The best strategy for a parent to employ is to instill good values, virtues, and a moral compass into your children from a young age…These ethics and values are what they will take with them throughout their childhood and adulthood.” - Bukky Ekine-OgunlanaIn Raising Boys in Today’s Digital World, best-selling author and parenting advice expert Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana draws on many years of experience improving family communication and her own life experience raising boys of her own to offer you positive parenting that will allow you to overcome common problems in the current age of overstimulation, ADHD and social media addiction, and raise sons that are respectful, helpful and morally strong.   In this all-inclusive book on raising boys from toddlers to teenaged young men, you will learn:How to use positive discipline and reassurance to reinforce valuesThe 10 most important core values and morals to teach your sons, including honesty, empathy, respect and loveHow to raise boys as a single Mom or single Dad – the unique challenges of being a single parent and powerful time management tips for time-strapped parentsThe 10 most important self-care tips for the parents of boys – how to keep your soul strong, while helping your sons to thriveHow to raise kids with morals and ambition to be successfulMentoring boys so that they can achieve their highest potentialHow raising sons is different than raising daughters and the unique joy of parenting boysHow to identify ADHD in young boys and parenting tips for overcoming ADHD issues, like poor grades in school, disrespect for adults and conflicts with other childrenWhether you have young elementary school boys, or you are the parent of a headstrong teenager, the time is now to start employing time-tested parenting methods that will help your son to mature into the man that you always hoped the he would become. Page Up and Order Now.