Author: Dana Archer

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Never dare a shifter…to mate you.

For a human living in the shifter world, there’s one important survival rule: pretend as if you don’t notice the new hotter than sin men in town.

Their good looks and all those firm muscles are ploys to lure you into their dangerously wicked games. I’d know. They captured me once already. Sure, I escaped, but I didn’t leave their prison camp empty-handed. And if they find out what I stole, I’ll be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

But Rafe slipped past my defenses. And not only did I get involved with a shifter, I managed to hook up with a Royal shifter. With the blood of the heavens in his veins and three wild beasts sharing his body and soul, he’s practically a king. And he keeps calling me his queen.

The longer we’re together, the more I want to be claimed as his mate. There’s just the little problem of my past coming back to haunt me.

I have a psycho stalking me, my friends are dying, my family is in danger, and all the secrets I’ve worked so hard to keep hidden might end up sealing my fate. Unless Rafe ends my human life first…

?? This book is the clean (closed door) version of Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan, but don’t expect a sweet fairy-tale romance. In the Shifter World, only the strong survive. Contains dark fantasy aspects.