Author: Jesi Kellis

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Armed with caustic wit and Resting Doll Face, 24-year-old Quinn grapples through life, selling used underwear online to keep a dilapidated roof over her head. She escaped her past once before, but when an intruder arrives to escort her spirit to the hereafter, running isn’t an option.Scheduled for a fatal brain aneurysm in eleven minutes, she strikes a desperate deal with Milo, her assigned reaper. If he’ll postpone her death by taking an impromptu vacation among the living, Quinn will be his travel guide. And she’ll replace his retired partner when her extension ends.Counting down to her extinction through a nine-day road trip—complete with haunted hotels, a ghost-hunting ex-boyfriend, an obsessive-compulsive vegan, and a geriatric cat—Quinn has one goal for the dwindling remainder of her life: To torment the man who’s stolen her future.


Wildly original with fabulous, well-crafted characters. Absolutely hilarious. I closed the book with a feeling I only get from a small handful of the very finest stories, where the magic doesn’t immediately dissipate, where I sit for a few moments just absorbing the perfection and living with the

characters. —

K. Stonoff

Wow! I’m emotionally sated. I have never read a fresher, funnier book. Kellis’s delightful creation has restored my faith in reading, I know I’m going to want more of her! Recommending it to all my friends.

—Marie Lyons, Goodreads Review

We can only hope this first novel is the start of a brilliant career by this new author whose voice is all her own.

Quinn Reaper

will make you laugh, irritate you, make you cry, and make you fall in love. Often all at the same time! The book is a road trip as four oddballs twine their destinies for better or worse. And almost all of them are actually alive!

—Linda Myers, Goodreads Review

For a reader gifted with age, such as myself,

Quinn Reaper

opens up a world of youth and death, current slang, issues, lifestyles, and the age-old themes of love and loss, friendship, and sacrifice. A weighty read but leavened with outrageous acts and thoughts, humor, and a couple characters I would love to know...from a safe distance! A unique love story, a journey that will intrigue, entertain, and enrich the reader. Kellis is an author with immense talent and imagination.

—Donna, Goodreads Review

Quinn Reaper

made me laugh myself to tears multiple times and cry in my wine at least twice. Quinn is snarky, sarcastic, heartbreakingly flawed, and someone I’d love to drink tequila shots with in a dive bar. Her road trip from hell highlights the bizarre and beautiful moments that make life precious. There’s humor, heartbreak, and enough spice to make things interesting.

—Melee McGuire, Goodreads Review