Author: Killian McRae

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Riona Dade's taste in men has never been great. Example 1: Her ex, Jerry, who turned out to be a demon stalking her on behalf of the devil. You can't get much worse than that, right? Unless you're a witch who's falling in love with a priest, probably not.Father Marc Angeletti, a smooth-talking piece of forbidden fruit with onyx eyes and a razor wit, may as well start packing his luggage for damnation now. Unless he's able to keep to his vows and keep his heads in check, he's totally going to screw up the mission. Come Hell or... well, Hell, he, Riona, and demigod Dee Zitka must vanquish Lucifer's minion scum from the face of the Earth, protect humanity from evil, and - oh, yes! - not get seduced into sin themselves. Seems a fallen Pure Soul is one of Lucifer's biggest turn-ons. Sick bastard. Oh, well, as long as Riona and Marc can keep things professional and north of the sheets, no problem. Yeah, that worked out great in the Thornbirds, too...