Author: Michael Todd

Category: Fantasy

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Katie Maddison never wanted to learn how to kick a demon's ass, all she was doing was helping a fellow university student with his Chem homework.

She just trusted people too much.

Now, she will be the new weapon in a war she had no idea existed with warriors wielding both weapons and supernatural abilities.

Demon Hunters, Demon Fighters ... Known as The Damned.

Join Katie in this complete series boxed set which contains new short stories at the end of each book.

One of the most powerful Demon's in Hell can't defeat his sister, so he sets her up to be sacrificed and killed.

The only problem? The human she possesses retained her sanity and together they might be a catalyst to change the future of the war.

This complete series includes:
Torn Asunder + Pandora Talks Turkey short story
Killing Is My Business + Pandora Talks Tactics short story
And Business Is Good + Pandora Talkin’ Body short story
Sit Down Shut Up and Pull The Drigger + Pandora Talks Family Values short story
Welcome To The Jungle + Pandora Talking Hollywood short story
Metal Up Your Ass + Pandora Talks a Good Fight short story
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap + Pandora Talks Game short story
For Whom the Bell Tolls + Pandora Talks Taking Over short story