Author: Alecia J

Category: African-American Interest

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"Keeping secrets from someone is no different than lying to them. It's still dishonest."In Pretty's Strong's view, she's far from your average pretty girl, but like most, she desires nothing more than to be loved and happy. However, after living with a rare disease that has not only diminished one side of her face but her self-confidence as well, Pretty is convinced that unconditional love and true happiness are only found in fairytales, urban fiction books, or in a person's dreams. Well, that is until she meets the charming and captivating Dr. Sylas Blairwood.In Pretty's eyes, he's the perfect man, but everyone knows the perfect person doesn't exist. So what makes Sylas 'perfectly imperfect'?Grab some tissue and dive into this sorrow-filled, page-turning novel to find out.