Author: Cate Charleston

Category: Historical Romance

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It is the beginning of the Edwardian era and the Boer War has ended, bringing back to the great house of Pommeroy its heir, Lord Richard Devenish. He has been severely wounded in the same action which killed his lifelong friend Jack Brookes, one of the Pommeroy gardeners. Before he died, he left a message which Richard believes to be for Jack’s sister Lily, now the only remaining child of the widowed head gardener. Expecting gratitude, he is puzzled by Lily’s coolness. For Lily realizes that her brother’s words are intended for another although she cannot reveal the secret she unwillingly shares with Richard’s sisters, Leonora and Louisa, and which all three are anxious to keep from him. Leonora is being pressured into marriage by her overbearing mother and believing that she has nothing left to live for, submits to what she can no longer avoid. The consequences are disastrous. Despite his best efforts, Richard is powerfully drawn to Lily, who leaves Pommeroy on the death of her father. A chance revelation explodes the secret which has almost estranged them all and Jack’s legacy changes from one of bitter sorrow and blame to healing, redemption and a passionate love which takes no heed of class or birth.