Author: Stephanie Queen

Category: Erotic Romance

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Opposites attract, right? Not even close... In the case of Charline & Trent, opposites explode with combustible chemistry and danger.Charline is a serious research doctor running a drug trial for a miracle serum. The serum could heal her crippled mother, but she desperately needs funding.Trent Lockheed is a superstar NFL quarterback. Football is his life. He needs to hang onto his career to win one more Super Bowl, but his injured shoulder could end everything. He desperately needs a miracle cure. They make an unholy bargain when Trent gives Charline money to fund her drug trial and she allows him to participate and get the miracle serum. But it all has to remain a poisonous secret between them.To get what they want, they both need to break cardinal rules of their professions. They make the dark bargain knowing that if the secret between them was ever exposed, it could destroy them. But how do they trust each other as complete strangers in spite of their scorching attraction? Or will that uncontrollable attraction be their real undoing?What readers are saying about the Playing series:"Getting your mind in the game, or interest in this book, will be extremely easy and excitingly enjoyable!"--InD'Tale Magazine"I enjoyed every page from the start to the end. I will keep this story in my heart and pray that Stephanie Queen writes more of these HOT SIZZLING SCORCHING novels. The plot was exciting and characters were absolutely delicious. I read it in on setting as I was unable to put it down. I will absolutely read more of hers."--Amazon Reviewer"OMG! This book is absolutely fantastic! It touches on so many areas. First, it explores professional football and other professional sports and the lengths that players will go to to be the best of the best for as long as they can even if it involves things not exactly above board. Secondly, it’s a story of fake relationships developing into the real thing. Trent and Charline’s relationship is a whirlwind crackling with all kinds of sizzling tension. Thirdly, there is the matter of medical and drug development and all of the associated politics (not all of which is ethical) involved in clinical trials. And, finally, woven all through, is the love of family which weaves around all of the people in the book. No, this isn’t a stuffy, boring book. It is masterfully written and draws you in from the very beginning and doesn’t let you put it down until you reach the end! You will not regret it!"--Amazon ReviewerPlaying Until the End is over 400 pages of captivating, sizzling romance between two mesmerizing and complicated characters with an HEA. Mature content.