Author: Rose Amberly

Category: Humor

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Unattractive woman wanted to work for a grumpy old man on a small Channel island.
It's the perfect job for heart-broken Millie who just lost everything, including her confidence. With nothing but a little courage, she sails to find a new start. The tiny rustic island - no cars or street lights allowed - is full of wild flowers and welcoming people, welcoming except for her boss and his son.
George is sick and tired of being seen as a catch - it makes him sound like a pile of fish. Is it too much to ask to be wanted for himself? If he's ever to trust a woman, she must be someone who doesn't need his money, his powerful position or his aristocratic title. She must be his social and financial equal.
Not his father's penniless, friendless assistant.

Millie quickly falls in love with the beautiful island which awakens her long-lost dreams of a wild herb café by the sea. She also finds friendships, laughter and maybe, a second chance at love.
But before she can get her happily ever after, she must first find her lost confidence, her self-respect and the strength to be herself.
A story of courage, hope, and healing – guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings.