Author: Laraine Lebron

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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Lucy Hickey-Rios has loved animals her entire life, and that is why she works so hard as the Executive Director of Mercy Animal Shelter. Mercy is an open, non-profit humane society that serves an upstate New York county. They care for unwanted pets and strays, and investigate complaints of animal abuse.
Lucy hates any form of animal abuse or neglect, but most of all she despises people who fight animals. When she and her staff discover evidence of organized dog fighting right under their noses, they become obsessed with catching those responsible and rescuing the pit bulls being so horribly used.
They must battle the dog fighters, the prejudice against pit bulls and even the feds in their efforts to rescue these dogs and purge their city of the horror that is dog fighting.
Through it all, Lucy must also deal with a situation at home that threatens her decades old marriage.