Author: Ali Dean

Category: New Adult Romance

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I’m secretly in love with my best friend, but he’s that guy. You know the one. Popular, quarterback, trouble. The one who walks down the hall and every girl stops to check him out. Yeah, we’ve been friends since we were in diapers and he’s always been overprotective of me. To him, I’m like his little sister who can never hang out with his popular friends. It’s no big deal, I’m training to make cross country nationals, and I don’t need Jace Wilder’s latest shenanigans distracting me from my goals.But there’s a hot new guy on our team, and not only is he training for nationals with me, but he’s inviting me to parties. Is Jace’s angry reaction to my new social life about him playing the big brother role… or is it possible he’s jealous?I can handle long miles and hill sprints, but guys? That’s an entirely different challenge.* No cliff hangers. While the series is best enjoyed when read in order, each book is a complete story. *