Author: Kim Duckworth

Category: Parenting & Family

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Parenting teens is scary, if not downright terrifying, but it can also be rewarding. What are the key steps you must take as a parent to make certain that you can bring forth the best in your teen? How can you help them discover their superpower? What steps can you take to motivate them to be their best?

This book gives you step by step actions to take to provide multiple options for your child upon graduation from high school. It helps you focus on key elements to a successful middle school and high school journey for your child. It gives you:
- annual planning guides
- fifteen things parents wish someone had told them before their teen started high school
- action/consequences contracts for cell phone usage, social media accounts and driving privileges
- resume formats and ideas
- resources for mental health issues
- how to position your child for competitive college admission (What is the most important element?)
- how to help your child deliver a fearless interview

So…. Parents, are you ready for the teen years? This book will make sure that you are and give you and your child a competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing world and help you begin a dialogue about their future.