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Parenting Teens with OCD

Show your anxieties, worries, and negative thoughts about who's in charge of it through this book, "

Parenting Teens with OCD


Nobody wishes to be free of obsessive-compulsive disorder more than the person who suffers from it.

You're not alone if you worry a lot because your kid has habits you can't seem to break, even if it may feel that way at times.The “

Parenting Teens with OCD

” includes all the relevant information to help your kids

control negative thoughts

, let go of anxious sensations, and halt difficult-to-stop behaviors to get back to doing what they enjoy.

Each chapter opens with a part that assists teenagers and their parents/caregivers

focus on specific issues and developing skills for tuning out

obsessions and resisting compulsions

. The sections that follow demonstrate how to be helpful without interfering.You

may not know anybody else

who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms such as the urge to wash their hands continually, check to be sure everything is okay, count items, put things in order, or even repeat ideas recurrently.

When your kid is

stressed or anxious, rituals like these can help them relax

, but you already know that the respite is only short, and they'll have to

repeat the process

when they're feeling uneasy again

. This loop might make them feel trapped, yet breaking it may seem impossible or even terrifying.

Parenting Teens with OCD

includes simple cognitive behavioural therapy ideas to help you overcome your kids’ symptoms and live a life of

freedom and flexibility

. Your kid will be able to finally halt compulsive ideas in their tracks and prevent them from returning.

When your kid has OCD

, your entire world might be turned inside out.

This book will teach you how to:

Recognize when your kid’s thoughts are accurate and when they are overblown.Recognize and avoid situations that cause your kid's symptoms to flare up.Make friends and gain confidence in social situations by doing so.Instead of relying on rituals, try relaxation techniques.

The book

normalizes and supports

the frequently hidden and unacknowledged thoughts, desires, and images and the

accompanying rituals and compulsions

that so many children and teens with OCD battle with.The family of a teen with OCD will be ready to boss back the next time OCD shows up or show an undesirable visitor the door. So,



begin your journey to a happier and more peaceful life