Oxford Key Mysteries: Books 1–3 by Lynn Morrison

Author: Lynn Morrison

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Amateur sleuth mysteries with a dash of the supernatural and plenty of history
As Oxford's new Head of Ceremonies, Natalie's expects to face some challenges. However, stumbling across dead bodies wasn't on her list.
With the help of newfound friends, a centuries-old cat, and some Eternal ghosts, Nat has a chance of solving the crimes. But... can she do it in time to save Oxford's magical protections? You'll have to read the books to find out.
If you like cozy mysteries where ghosts walk the halls, paintings come to life, creatures play, and magic seems within reach, the Oxford Key Mysteries are sure to delight. Each book contains a standalone mystery, but they are best enjoyed when read in order.
This collection includes the first three books in the Oxford Key Mysteries:
Murder at St Margaret
Burglary at Barnard
Arson at the Ashmolean