Override by Connell Cowan

Author: Connell Cowan, David Kipper

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Based on today’s breakthrough science into neurotransmitters, Override reveals a clear path to overcoming bad habits that sabotage our success in career, love, and healthy living.
Override provides a practical, easy-to-grasp, yet revolutionary framework for achieving the life you really want.
Connell Cowan, PhD, is a clinical psychologist practicing in Los Angeles, California. He co wrote Smart Women/Foolish Choices, a runaway bestseller that spawned an entire genre of books dealing with male/female dilemmas. The book spent nearly a year on the New York Times bestseller list, sold millions of copies, has been published in twenty-three different languages, and was made into a hit musical in Japan. His second book, Women Men Love/Women Men Leave, also became a New York Times bestseller. Husbands and Wives completed the relationship trio. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows and his writings have been published in a number of journals, magazines, and newspapers internationally. Dr. Cowan also established the Human Sciences Center in Los Angeles––a non profit center for research and treatment, and has taught at the University of Houston and in UCLA’s School of Public Health. Along with his writings and clinical practice, Dr. Cowan has created and produced a number of television and video projects for syndication and cable blending both psychological information and drama.
David Kipper, MD, has practiced internal medicine in Los Angeles for over three decades. He has appeared as an expert commentator on all major networks, has produced numerous programs on health and health care, and contributes to the Huffington Post. For over a decade, he co-hosted The Medical Show, a syndicated call-in radio program that provided advocacy for people who had limited access to healthcare. Callers were connected to resources related to their medical problems and the show provided up-to-date information about diagnostics and therapeutics. He cofounded the California Institute for Behavioral Medicine, and a mind body approach to managing stress and incorporating conventional and homeopathic therapies that Time magazine described as “groundbreaking.” Dr. Kipper’s book The Addiction Solution reflected a paradigm shift in the treatment of this disease from a behavioral malady to a chronic medical illness, determined by one’s unique brain chemistry and triggered by stress.