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Good overall health always starts with a foundation of good nutrition. However, being bombarded by conflicting nutritional reports, ever-changing confusing nutritional findings, and the latest diets can make it hard to understand how to achieve your optimum nutrition. Idiot's Guides: Optimum Nutrition gives you everything you need to know about nutrients, understanding how they react in your body, and the best way to achieve nutritional benefits. This book covers:* The fundamental basics of nutrition.* Definitions of good/bad fats, good/bad carbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and phytonutrients, and how they are used in your body.* The mind/brain/body connection and how nutrition is linked to mental health. * The truth about controversial foods and conflicting nutritional information.* How to understand food labels and nutritional terms, key grocery marketing terms, and genetically modified foods. * Making wise food choices when eating at home or out.* Inclusion of water, fiber, grains, supplements, and super foods.* Popular diets and how they work (low carb, paleo, plant-based, Mediterranean, glycemic index, raw food)* Food allergies versus food intolerances and how to eat with them.