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Picture yourself standing in an art gallery. As you look around at the multiple works of art, a magnificent, beautiful, handmade, multi-colored rug on the wall catches your eye. From where you are standing, the rug seems to have every color of the rainbow woven into it. You are intrigued because somehow this rug has both great complexity and great simplicity in its design.Walking over to take a closer look, you stand in awe of the beauty and artistry of the piece. Suddenly you notice a small sign on the wall underneath the display.The sign gives the name of this woven artwork and a brief explanation.The piece is entitled: “One Red Thread.” The description of the piece goes on to say that this rug represents each of our lives. It is “the unique combination of the colored threads that together create the tapestry of our lives. The description goes on to say that a single Red Thread is intricately woven throughout the rug. This thread may not be apparent, but it is the very essence of what binds the entire piece together. The description challenges you to look for the One Red Thread in your own tapestry.

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