Author: Julie Johnson

Category: New Adult Romance

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"If you're a fan of comedic contemporary romance books there's no doubt you should read the Boston Love Series by Julie Johnson. Her high-caliber writing, addictive wit, and lovable characters will leave you reeling for more and more stories from Boston." - TeriLyn ReviewsRomance is a luxury Zoe Bloom simply cannot afford.After her childhood was shattered by unspeakable tragedy, Zoe has grown into a woman with walls so high, they're impossible to scale. And that's just how she likes it — especially given her line of work. As an accomplished computer hacker, she's made more than a few enemies in Boston's seedy underworld. Falling in love would be nothing but a weakness.When a freelance job brings her into contact with Parker West — heir-apparent to the biggest company in town — she has no interest in getting friendly with the billionaire playboy. But Parker's persistent charm is difficult to ignore... and the more time she spends with him, the more those high walls around her heart threaten to crumble. With dangerous foes closing in from all sides and the mystery of her tragic past finally coming to light, Zoe will be forced to reevaluate her priorities. Can a girl who’s spent her life pushing people away finally let herself fall?ONE GOOD REASON is a comedic contemporary romance about a girl who’s spent her life just trying to survive… and the man who finally teaches her how to live. It is the third installment of the internationally bestselling BOSTON LOVE STORY series and can be read as a complete standalone. Due to some sexy scenes, suspenseful moments, and a foul-mouthed heroine, it is recommended for readers ages 17 and up.