Author: Stephen T. Gerdel

Category: Action & Adventure

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The story opens in St. Louis with the assassination of the President of the United States. The assassin simply walked away, drove to the airport and escaped. Special Agent Mike Trapper, a Secret Service agent and team leader for presidential security, follow his trail and connections across the country and around the globe.It is soon discovered the plot is broad and planned over many decades. Mike and a team of specialists in Washington discover a network of “sleepers” who hold many positions in the government, and the chase is on to find where they will strike next. Mike is hounded by the reason and objective of the attack. After three tours in Iraq, he knows the cost of failure and the price of personal injury. His heroism and leadership place him in a position requiring secrecy and determination as the plot expands to envelope the nation.But the tension increases when he discovers his family is in the cross-hairs of the next attack. The evil he pursues seeks to turn against him and strike at his very heart, threatening his wife Elli, and their four children. The compelling story in Oak Mountain is captivating. It is the first novel of the Oak Mountain trilogy and launches the reader into a spellbinding journey. The technology used in the story is contemporary, exciting, and real. The events portrayed could happen on the evening news any day, any time.Join Special Agent Mike Trapper as he pursues those who would destroy a nation. Discover their targets and see how hard work, keen intuition and the high-tech tools of tomorrow save the day.

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