Author: Christopher Kügler

Category: Action & Adventure

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Steven Leonard is a wannabe journalist who’s uncovered the existence of the world’s most dangerous secret agent: Hunter Gunne. Knocking on her door, he thinks he’s on the brink of his big break — the story of the decade, a guaranteed Pultizer...

Hunter Gunne is that secret agent, and she is that badass. But decades of saving the world have left her disillusioned and cynical. Living in retired seclusion, an idealistic admirer like Steven is the last thing she expects, let alone wants. But the moment is short-lived when a black-clad team of mercenaries — whom Steven has unknowingly led straight to her — arrives ready for battle...

The O.W.O. is an evil secret society hell-bent on world domination. Their plan is simple: kidnap the president, replace him with an imposter, and start World War III… unless Steven and Hunter can stop them, that is. Together, they race to not only save the world but perhaps find the happiness their lives so desperately lack.

If they fail: kiss humanity goodbye.