Author: Rachael Stapleton

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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Nuttier ThanPecan Pie is the first book in a festive new cozy mystery series set in the uniqueworld of Bohemian Lake. If you like outrageous weapon-toting women; nutty, nosyneighbors; and quirky conspiracies involving pie, one-click this book for a sliceof laughter.Meet Eve Banter: an outspoken Southern woman with an outrageous style, her own private spy network and three priors--husbands,that is. Of course, it's all the same to Eve, who equates marriage with time served. She's a unique woman, well suited to her job at Bohemian Lake's Private Ink & Eye. She's as able to chase down a lead as to outrun a culprit--no matter how ridiculous her boots. Eve's antics, especially her penchant for breaking and entering drives her friends nuts. Unfortunately, apart from Bohemian Lake, relationships are not Eve's strong suit, hence, the three ex-husbands. Which is why Eve jumps at the chance to help out a neighbor when a burglary disrupts the small-town sweetness of the March Break's maple-themed festival.But things get hairy fast,and it's not just the Siberian Husky Eve stumbled across and adopted as her partner in crime-solving. No, sadly one of the festival's judges has gone missing, and if that's not bad enough, her only lead has gone colder than the festival's igloo bar. Eve is Bohemian Lake's number one spy and she's ready to pore over clues and extract a killer even if the maple festival is proving to be sticky a situation.  The world of Bohemian Lake series is comprised of multiple sets. Each series focuses on a different Bohemian resident(s), although all of the books intersect. Characters cross books all the time.Bohemian Lake Reading Order:Penning Trouble: Murder, She Floats,Haunted House Flippers:Cookies, Corpses and the Deadly HauntPenning Trouble: Murder, She Slopes,Haunted House Flippers:Candy Canes, Corpses and the Gothic HauntBohemian Murder Manor:Gypsies, Traps & Missing ThievesBohemian Murder Manor:Make-Believes & Lost MemoriesHaunted House Flippers:Crumb Cake, Corpses and the Run-of-the-MillPenning Trouble: Murder, Ye BonesBohemian Festival Fiasco:Nuttier than a Pecan PieBohemian Murder Manor:Ouija, Death & Wicked WitcheryBookish Adventures in Witch-Lit: Scandal & Gretel Bookish Adventures in Witch-Lit: Hyde & SeekPenning Trouble: Murder in the Catacombs What's Coming Next? StayTuned for New Releases in the Bohemian World. Bohemian Murder Manor:Ferris Wheels & Fortune SquealsHaunted House Flippers:Black Cats, Corpses and the Pumpkin PantryBookish Adventures inWitch-Lit: Night of the Living Well-Read

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