Author: C.D. Shelton

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How many times have you heard that certain types of food or drink are unhealthy for you, only to find out later through new research that it is in fact good for you. Even what we are told is healthy to eat at one time can later be determined unhealthy to eat. For example, as early as the 1960s we were still being told that trans fats, like those in margarine were healthy and better for us than butter. In the 1990s a blow to the margarine industry occurred when researchers released the findings of a study that identified trans fats as the principal culprit in heart disease and atherosclerosis and that we were better off eating butter. Consider the food groups that are part of the recommended dietary intake recommended by the USDA. Before the turn of the 20th century, the USDA had eleven food groups, then in the early 1900s they revised that recommendation to something called a food pyramid. The bottom of the food pyramid contained the foods recommended for greater consumption. But even this icon of stability changed and in the early 21st century, the pyramid became a plate with four separate recommended food groups and one to the side representing dairy products. This eBook will focus on the “then and now” of food recommendations and offer guidance for how to live a healthier and longer life.