Author: David L. Post

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Nothing to See Here by David Post chronicles one man's descent into the world of borderline psychosis, mimicking with increasing fury the delusional world of his own patients. This devastating portrait of a cocky, successful psychiatrist who goes off the deep end will leave you gasping for breath. The shocking final scenes of the novel are tautly written, utterly gripping and shot through with psychological insight. David Post has created a modern tragedy such as Shakespeare or Sophocles would write if they lived in the suburbs of 21st-century Boston.

Says Rood, "The novel, despite moments of humor, is basically dark in tone (at least that was my intent. A friend who has read it termed it "modern noire"--a good description I think. The "theme," if I could call it that, is that even good, decent men can be driven to do horrible things if they're pushed too far and stripped of their basic dignity and human-ness. So I guess "darkness," "the abyss," "passion," might be three conceptual words that would spring to mind just off the top of my head to describe the forces that play out between characters.