Nothing but Trouble by Ashley Bostock

Author: Ashley Bostock

Category: New Adult Romance

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In need of date for Valentine's Day....
At one point in his life, Michael Vilander had it all: the money, the looks, the billion dollar corporation, the girl. There was a time when he was a naive fool in love. Crazy enough, getting left at the altar will change that.
He doesn’t have time to hand-pick his dates. Luckily, his secretary gets the job done—thank you, grandma—ahem, Regina. All women want is money and sex anyway, so getting paired up with the next flavor du jour isn’t ever a problem. Not with his looks. Not with the size of his back account. Not with the size of his...yeah. No complaints in that department.
It has never been a problem, until it is.
When grandma doesn’t come through, he needs to find a date. One night. Having no other choice, Michael puts his matchmaking company to the ultimate test.
He creates his own profile to find a match.
He wasn’t expecting to walk away with a fake fiancé.
Let alone one with a secret that could ruin his reputation.
Ah, cake, anyone?
"This book was hard to put down. A true page turner. Your characters are strong and loveable. As this story shows us. Job well done. Ashley." Elizabeth, Kindle Customer
"Well written with interesting hero/heroine Michael and Sophia. Their story takes you on a roller coaster ride that lands them in trouble. Want to know the ins and outs how and why? Treat yourself to this book that earned 5 Stars from me." - Sharshak
"Sophia and Michael live in different worlds but thanks to online dating site their paths cross. They are two separate paths that should never cross but Michael wants more and Sophia gets them in trouble. This story is a modern day Cinderella." - Monica
"Exciting, Sexy and heartwarming! I loved the main character strength, she never backed down for what she believed in. I loved his dedication for her. This book was amazing can't wait to read more like it, I definitely recommend." -Vicki