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Do you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes, lower cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and feel full of energy? This book will show you why it is important to lower sugars in your diet and teach you exactly how you can achieve this. You will learn to identify the pitfalls in modern foods and how to go on and apply this to your everyday life.Here is what you will learn about on a no sugar diet:•Our Sugar Addiction•How to Read Food Labels•Foods to Eat on 7 Day Sugar Detox•Foods to Avoid on 7 Day Sugar Detox•Low Sugar Vegetables•Sugar Smart Tips•How to Quit Sugar & Beat Cravings•The Low Sugar Myth•Sugar and Carb Count in Everyday Foods•Detox Side Effects•7 Day Sugar Detox Meal Plan•7 Days of No Sugar Detox Recipes•Receive a Free Meal Planner & Shopping ListA sugar detox diet is the most effective way to remove sugar from your system and beat the addictive cycle of sugar cravings. With the no sugar detox diet book, you will find tips on how to quit sugar, prepare for detox and also get over 27 delicious sugar detox recipes. These recipes have pictures so you know what each dish will look like. This sugar detox for beginners guide will give you the tools you need to take control of your sugar intake. By eating more natural foods high in nutrition and having no sugar, it will be possible to cut the cravings and feel satisfied. When you learn to remove harmful high sugar, high carb foods from your diet, and also substitute natural sugar foods in moderation your body will love you for it! This is the sensible approach to eating sugars, because realistically there will always be a small amount of sugar in our diets. By learning where the hidden dangers lie, it is easy to be savvy about it and change our eating habits to make good decisions what we eat. Even some natural foods need to be eaten in moderation, so we'll discuss that too. It is a complete guide discussing how to identify sugars and carbs in your everyday diet and how to remove them.Here's what others are saying about the NO SUGAR DIET book by Peggy Annear:"No Sugar Diet is a practical introductory guide pointing out the dangers of excess sugars and offering informative solutions that make sense. The author talks about the different types of sugars and interesting to me was the different amount of sugars found in fruits and veggies. After lots of great health information, comes a great sample menu plan to eat sugar free. An action plan to make all this info click.I don't think there's anyone out there that couldn't use sound strategies to cut sugar out of their eating. I recommend you read this book and tell the author what you learned. Great job!""I need to lose the pounds. But above all, I must change my habits. This book gave me some great ideas to achieve my goal. My favorite chapter was "Foods to Eat on 7 Day Sugar Detox" and especially this section: "What Foods Can I Eat." I liked this book."